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7 Free New Pattern CAT Mocks 2020 (2 Hours)

Hi Guys,

With CAT being around the corner, giving multiple mocks is key to crack the exam. With some radical changes in the CAT exam, new pattern mocks are hard to find. Fret not, we have found some sites which are providing free mocks as per the new 2-hour rule, just for you!

The number of questions in each mock may vary as the question pattern is still not officially released. It is better to try out various scenarios so that you are best equipped for the unpredictable CAT.

Below are the links to websites with the number of free mocks they offer.

Just sign up & voila! Take a free 2 hour mock.

Hope this is helpful for your CAT 2020 preparation!

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CrackU: 3 Mocks

Number of Questions: 66 Questions

GradeUp: 1 Mock

Number of Questions: 60 Questions

Official IIM Mock (releases Oct 16): 1 Mock

Number of Questions: Well, we wish we knew!

CATKing:1 Mock

Number of Questions: 90 Questions

Number of Questions: 66 Questions

All the best! Happy Studying!

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