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80 topics to brush up your B.Com academics for IIM Interviews!

After the amazing response to Technical questions for every CA, we decided to branch out into arguably the most popular business undergrad degree - B.Com.

Today we have Sakshi Soni (IIM Ahmedabad 2022). She graduated with a B.Com Honours degree in from St. Xavier's Kolkata and joined IIMA as a fresher.

She will be interning in an Investment Banking (IB) role with JP Morgan for her summers.

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We all can understand the stress of being in the midst of the GD/WAT-PI process for B-Schools.

While writing this article today, a year after I was in this same situation, I completely relate to how most of you would feel about the next step in the admission process.

As they say, the WAT-PI process is a selection process, the B-School wants you as much as you want them, if not more. They have already eliminated people through CAT! All you need to do now is make them believe they made the correct decision by shortlisting you.

My three rules are:

1. You need not know everything, but they expect you to know what you have learned/studied before.

2. Treat an interview like a discussion and be honest with your answers.

3. Always keep a smile on your face.

They are looking for suitability, clarity of thought, maturity, knowledge, confidence, and honesty.

You must have clarity regarding who you are, what do you want from your life, and why MBA is a means to achieve what you want later in life. You also have to be mature with your answers because you must be prepared for any question that they throw at you and answer it in a calm, composed manner. Your attitude should not reflect that you are desperate for the seat; remember they want you as much as you want them.

I had prepared possible questions for my interview under the following domains:

1. Academics

3. General Knowledge and Current Affairs

4. Hobbies & Interests

Since I was a fresher and did not have any relevant work experience, I did not have to worry about work experience preparation. However, those with relevant work experience should be well versed in it.

How to look at academics, especially for a fresher?

You must choose at least 2-3 subjects in your undergrad which you are comfortable in and prepare for them in depth. In case you are asked in the interview to name your favorite subjects, you can easily steer the conversation to your advantage.

Academics is an area where you should not goof up, especially since you would be asked mostly basic questions from your field of study. However, don’t fret if there are some questions which you do not know the answers to. In this situation, just be honest and let the interviewer know that you cannot recall it.

As a B.Com graduate, I had to prepare a lot of subjects ranging from Accountancy, Finance, Economics, Mathematics and even basics of Taxation. I had prepared a list of topics and questions as a starting point when I started preparing for the interviews.

I have attached a list of some questions that you may use as a reference. However, it is not an exhaustive list and may have some irrelevant questions as well. Please use it as a base but build on it as per your discretion.

The areas I have tried to cover are:

1. Basic HR questions & General Knowledge about finance

2. Accounts, Finance & Costing

3. Economics

4. Taxation

5. Marketing

6. Basic Mathematics

List of questions_Bcom Students_ The Unc
Download • 24KB

If you are reading this as someone who still has a few college years left, read this post here to increase your chances at converting your call!

And always remember, the panelists are human - just like all the other candidates - just like you :)

All the best!


I can be reached on our Instagram handle’s DM for any queries and suggestions, linked here.

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