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What to pack to an IIM Ahmedabad dorm?

Campus calling! Are you excited to either travel to your B-school or just to fantasize about the day that you do get that admit & make the trip?

Here's an article to help you spice up these dreams :)

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At IIMA, there are two campuses - The old (heritage) campus and the new campus. The old campus is the red brick one whereas the new campus is hues of white & grey.

New Campus:

Fun fact! - The old and new campus are connected through an underground tunnel.

That pathway has vintage photos of IIMA displayed on one side.

When it comes to the dorm rooms, all girls (Well, 99%) stay in the old campus whereas boys are distributed between old and new. Yes, it is randomly allocated. Yes, you do have some 'hacks' to get around it. No, I shall not be publishing them here :P

Dorms 1 to 18 are in the old campus whereas Dorms 19 to 29 are in the new.

Besides that, there are SAB dorms (With attached washrooms) and MSH (A 1BHK kind of deal)

Old dorms: New dorms:

The key catch is that old campus dorms do not have an AC and in Ahmedabad weather..... it's sadness. But, the old campus has a soul that kind of makes IIMA what it is (personal opinion) so you gain some & you lose some, I guess!

Dorm 2 Room 36 - The unfurnished/beginner vibe

Dorm 2 Room 24 - Voila!

Today, we shall talk about how to convert the empty room you'll get into the living abode you see below!

Things you will get from IIM Ahmedabad:
  1. A bed with a mattress

  2. A Godrej almirah

  3. A small bathroom mirror

  4. Study table with office chair (Please do not get your hopes up)

  5. A secondary chair

  6. A whiteboard

  7. A cupboard

  8. Curtains (Most of the times)

Besides this, the common facilities would include the washrooms (2 bathing ones and 2 restrooms per floor), A washing machine/floor, a sink area for doing your dishes & filling drinking water, a refrigerator and maybe a microwave.

20 things you must bring for yourself:
  1. Clothes & Footwear (Well, duh) - Formal vs Chill vs Nightwear - Allocate as per your preference!

  2. Personal grooming products - Shampoos, soaps, creams & more

  3. Linens - Bedsheets, pillows, blankets, towels

  4. Doormat

  5. Hangers for the closet

  6. Basic crockery for room - Plates, Spoons, Bowls, Coffee Mugs

  7. Washing powder/Liquid detergent, Vim, Comfort, Handwash,

  8. Stationery

  9. Medicines (There is a pharmacy on campus but best to keep the most used ones handy)

  10. Laundry bag

  11. Iron

  12. Kettle

  13. Speakers

  14. Extension cords! (I have 4)

  15. Room Decor (Optional) - Generally lights, posters, wall hangings etc

  16. Stock up some snacks for your midnight cravings :P Oh & get tissue papers to clean it up :P

  17. Coolers - Available for purchase from seniors/vendors; easily arranged on campus :)

  18. Documents & Transcripts

  19. Foldable desk to be used on the bed

  20. COVID essentials - Masks, Sanitizers

A lot of these are available at "S-Mart" - The on-campus provision store.

We also get deliveries from Amazon/Flipkart/Big Basket etc. and have a D-Mart nearby so you won't feel too overwhelmed in arranging for any of these! :)

There is a designated caretaker for the floor who visits every day to sweep and mop the room, so do not worry about bringing those supplies.


To check out more IIMA photos & videos, head on over here

There is soo much exciting content on the way - you'd be sure to want to check it out! :D

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